Our Story

Most of us know that the mental health challenge in the UK and around the world is enormous. But very few of us will have experienced it in the visceral way that our founder Dr Julian Nesbitt has as an A&E Doctor treating suicide attempts.

Many of these patients reported experiencing mental health difficulties but were unable to seek any therapeutic help. Some reported they had been on mental health waiting lists for a significant amount of time, and that their mental health was deteriorating.

Something needed to be done urgently so in 2016 Julian set about building a virtual therapy platform that could help more people get the help they needed faster.

What We Believe

Modern technology can and should be used to help more people access the care they need with less waiting around, but there are obvious limits to how and when it should be used.

We firmly believe our role is to augment, not replace therapists, and we work collaboratively with our own therapist community to enhance the human experience for both clinician and patient.

We Are Here for You

It is important to remember that you are not alone. We all face challenges in our lives from time-to-time and therapy has the potential to be a hugely positive influence on your life. Therapy can provide the tools to help deal with difficult situations in the future, or help you find relief from issues such as anxiety and depression.

Please do not suffer alone and in silence - we are here to help.
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