Flexible, cost-effective virtual care as an employee benefit

Strong evidence confirms that work is good for health. However, colleagues may sometimes need extra support if work-related stress starts to impact their functioning and fulfilment at work. Once an issue kept behind closed doors, many companies now encourage open discussion about mental health in the workplace. Whilst this represents huge progress, such cultural change does little to improve colleague well-being if access to immediate, professional support is not provided.

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reliable improvement vs. NHS

80% vs. 68%*

* KSS AHSN analysis 2019


Why we're here for your business

We are a secure Web App platform and mobile app that enables your colleagues to connect virtually with vetted carers who provide care appointments online - either by video or instant messaging and via phone, tablet or computer.

Our primary service is the provision of psychotherapists and psychologists for CBT and CFD therapy. We also support Secondary care services such as Child and Adolescent Health services.

Your company can use Dr-Julian's own vetted psychotherapists and psychologists, either as a fully outsourced service or to add capacity to your own resources. Because our service enables therapists to work from home they can work additional hours of their choice to earn additional income, providing an out-of-hours service to meet the increasing need for patient choice.

If a platform-only solution better meets your needs, Dr-Julian's technology is also available as a SaaS licence via annual subscription.

Other benefits for you and your patients

White Labelled

A white-labelled platform customised for your NHS Mental Health Trust/Organisation.


Secure SSL protocol double-encrypted system hosted on UK AWS servers and NHS digital information governance toolkit compliant.

Simple Integration

Simple tech-stack integration.

Therapist Choice

Patient choice of the therapist they wish to see from a vetted panel.

Appointment Choice

Patient choice of when to have an appointment, 7 days a week 7am-11pm, frequently available same day and minimising 'did not attends' (DNA).


Ability for patients to match their condition, language and therapy type to the most appropriate therapist (this can be pre-set to CBT/EMDR only if required).

No Travelling

Patients can have the appointment from their choice of location, typically from home but occasionally from other locations if away and treatment continuity is important.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, modern platform user interface design with a simple booking system and a Patient Personal Dashboard.

IAPT Measures

IAPT outcome measures such as PHQ9, GAD-7, WSAS built into and stored on the app.

Online Assessments

Assessments can be undertaken online ahead of appointments and stored in the Patient Personal Dashboard.


There is a growing evidence base supporting the use of tele-psychiatry and therapy appointments. A review of over 200 randomised controlled trials of tele-therapy/psychiatry appointments delivered via video link showed:

  • Equivalent clinical outcomes to in room therapy
  • Better patient satisfaction.
  • Usefulness of tele-psychiatry: A critical evaluation of videoconferencing-based approaches’ Chakrabarti S. (2015)

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